¡Formación Fénix!

Limon’s Youth Empowerment Project

The Program

Formación Fénix is now operating full force! Fénix is a community-based project empowering young Nicaraguans through cultural, environmental and educational programming. The goal is to offer participants the skills and resources necessary to dream big. Started as an informal club in 2010 by expat volunteer Whitney Moret and local community activist Lidieth Alvarez, Fénix was incorporated into the programming of Casa Verde in 2012. Now, Lidieth has become the Director of Formación Fénix and developed the project to include opportunities for educational scholarships. Formación Fénix is an important force for community development in Limon, working in partnership with Casa Verde’s programs for students traveling abroad in Nicaragua. Fénix projects are for and by the people of Limon.

The Project: Education, Culture, and the Environment

Fénix participants are stars on many levels: In addition to regularly hosting community events and participating in community service, Fénix participants will go through a three-part program promoting education, culture, and environmental awareness.


Participants have the opportunity to compete for scholarships to study English, computer literacy, and Spanish as a Second Language. Scholarship recipients will also be supported in their pursuit of a university education and those already enrolled will be able to apply scholarships to their degree.


Participants learn to create traditional artisan crafts and jewelry and then sell their crafts at community events. Participants will also take excursions to rich historical and cultural landmarks, grounding their hopes for the future in the stories of the past.


Participants will operate a financially-sustainable composting program. Again, they will sell the compost they produce to Casa Verde and local resorts involved in reforestation projects in the area.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Lidieth and Casa Verde built this project to include hands-on entrepreneurial training. Participants will learn skills in planning, marketing and operating revenue building ventures. The hope is that graduates from the program will have the practical knowledge to start and sustain local businesses. Formación Fénix’s long-term vision is to have scholarship funding come almost entirely from internal revenue. All project proceeds will feed into the scholarship fund.

So, How Do Casa Verde and Formacion Fenix Fit Together?

Casa Verde’s mission is to provide youth, from all backgrounds, the experiences, sustainable resources and skills necessary to reach their highest potential in globalized society. We are motivated by the belief that education is the foundation for true innovation and social change. The programs and projects of Formación Fénix align perfectly with our mission.

Casa Verde volunteers will now work hand-in-hand with Fénix participants. Our programs will be almost entirely defined by the projects of our new partner. This shift in our programing comes from our commitment to community collaboration. Casa Verde was founded on this principle.

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